Arazrenk Group of Companies

Sugar SAVALAN new product!

Arazrenk Group of Companies has launched the production of crushed sugar in Dmitrov. This promising direction will allow all lovers of a healthy lifestyle to taste the real taste of high-quality sugar. Chipped sugar "Savalan" is the most useful product among white sugars.

Chipped sugar "Savalan" is produced according to a unique traditional technology. At the first stage, we select high-quality granulated sugar, which is mixed with distilled water and goes through several stages of purification, which allows us to remove all harmful impurities. Further, refined sugar is boiled in vacuum boilers, and in liquid form it is poured into special forms - heads, in which water is evaporated and sugar crystallizes and hardens. The composition of our sugar is only 100% sucrose

At the last stage, the resulting sugar heads are split and packaged in packages.

The sugar cubes are firm, original in shape and have a full sweet pleasant taste. Chipped Savalan sugar is ideal for tea drinking and will become an original decoration of your tea ceremony. We invite you to the most delicious tea party in your life and offer cooperation!

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